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Prices for sound treatment / tuning forks

25 min. Fr.   60.--
40 min. Fr.   80.--
55 min. Fr. 100.--

25 min. Massage and 25 min. sound treatment Fr. 100.--

sound treatment / tuning forks

Tuning forks are not like the customary vocal forks.
We as human beings are programmed with illusions based on the beliefs of our ancestors, our parents, society, our religions, etc… These illusions cause disharmony, trauma and eventually damage as the imbalance in our thought forms create imbalances in our physical structures. Fear, doubt, anxiety, stress, disappointment, lack of motivation, self abuse are the affects of these untruths which lead to poverty consciousness, fear of relationships, poor health conditions, and the blocks that prevent us from experiencing the celebration of life.They are tuned on the frequency of the universe. The tuning forks emit sound frequencies to restore balance to the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies, balancing the male and female aspects. Are able to solve  old patterns and blockades. They bring us in harmony again with ourselves and the universe and restore a sense of well being.

Session example: tunning forks are moved into oscillation and are put on dressed or undressed body, on muscles or bones. The places at which the tunning fork is often attached are, for example, on certain foot points or along the vertebral column. The suitable frequency and vibration of the tunning fork continues in the beginning point and fan out herself till the deepest cell consciousness. Customers can perceive the continuing oscillation in the body very well. 

Description of the sound forks
The big sound fork - the communicator, the mediator - is suitable straightened on the earthly crystal structure and of the physical body. This ferequency of sound owns the ability to change the physical structure from the body and to straighten this on the highest crystal frequency and thereby on a remedial oscillation. She solves settled information of old shocks, traumas and fears deeply in the cellular structure  of our body. She serves as a mediator, around forms of thought, energy patterns and blockades - originated from emotional states - to transform from the aura layers. It is also a miraculous instrument to bring us in balance; remedial processes and change processes are deeply anchored in us and our concentration is strengthened.  As the acceleration takes place it can create distorted emotions which cause confusion and depression. Medical research has shown that the very DNA seems to be altered in many individuals at this time with no medical or scientific explanation.

The middle sound fork - the reconstructur - is in alignment with the Milky Way  and for the physical body, heart chakra, thymus gland and the fine-material energy fields (aura). The thymus gland when fully operational can actually reverse the aging process and raise ones physical frequency to restore health and well being. It is in alignment with the obsidian ray and allows one to access those frequencies through the heart center. It can be used on the human body as well as placing the healing frequencies into the earth matrix and the sacred waterways around the world. It is the sound that demonstrates AS ABOVE SO BELOW. It opens channels to communicate with the nature spirits and elementals more clearly.

The small sound fork - the consecrated from all - vibrates in direct adjustment with the clearest energy patterns which are stored in our universe. Their piercing sound is processed only above our electromagnetic fields and our cells. This sound fork connects us with the metaphysical legitimacies of the universe and supports us on the way to attain again an all-consciousness. The oscillation transmits coding messages with regard to the aim and the direction of the individually activated soul memory. She opens intuitive canals to combine with the architect's plan of the human evolution and to remind us of the origin of our star existence. Their sound is the highest vibration of pure love.

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