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The name metamorphose points to the changes, they can be achieved in the physical and mental area.

This work was developed by the English remedial practical person Robert Saint John (in 1914-1996) from the reflex zones on the foot. He discovered that his work was as effective if he treated only the reflex zones of the backbone. The backbone as a main bone prop of our body is connected very closely with the central nervous system. No part of the bodily functions is separated from another part. Body, soul and mind form a unity. All aspects of the personality are stored in the backbone and also retrievable. Thus he came on the discovery: that many sufferings which show to themselves above the reflex zones of the feet also a blockade in the suitable reflex zone of the backbone reflected.

The reflex zone of the backbone is treated on the foot, thumb and head:

feet - walking - move - advance
       ... standing on the ground...

        hands - to act - to make - to realise
                        ... to be in action...

               head - thinking - re-orientation - spiritual aspect
                                      ... to pick up deficits catch...

                                                           FIND THE PATH TO YOU

The style of the metamorphose is easy: gentle, tender, small touches are enough. The treatment occurs at fine-material level without something to want. It is like knocking..., a bright..., an opening a door...., a window.... The treated is free what he starts with this clearing. He decides to go trough the open door or not. The quality of this touch puts out the real. The secret of her effect lies in the internal position of the handler. Besides, he is the catalyst for the selfhealing forces. It becomes an unintentional, free space in which he with the selfhealing forces of the client in connection is created and is guided towards them. This allows an internal and external change on our original comprehensive being. The therapist does not teache or correct the client. He consciously keeps out. The solution begins: Blockades are dissolved by accepting the situation in Here and Now. It is a possibility for growth and increasing internal freedom. To the opponent it helps to come with itself in contact, old recollections, obstructive patterns and blockades can go in gentle manner, the selfhealing is mobilised at all levels.

The beauty ot this work is, that only comes to the consciousness what is to wait on turn and important  now.

This therapie has no contraindications.
The metamorphose should be above all: carefully by asthma, epilepsy, cramps, spasmodic sufferings ect.

The indications are fanned out broadly:

- for every person who wishes a change
 - particularly this method is suited for pregnant, it is one of the few methods
   which may be applied during the whole  pregnancy

- newborn children, to babies, toddlers can be helped, the time of
  treatment is held rather short

- to children with learning difficulties

- concentration weakness

- with psychic problems which avoid a deliberate access

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