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Prices for manual lymphatique drainage

25 min. Fr.   60.--
40 min. Fr.   80.--
55 min. Fr. 100.--

manual lymphatic drainage

It was developed in the middle of the last century by Dr. Emil Vodder. The lymphatic system begins blind in the whole body between the fabrics. The lymphatic system is an independent vascular system; from the smallest lymphatic vessel under the skin the vascular extent grows up to the inlet in the venous part of the circulatory system under the collarbone. The lymphatic liquid always flows through the accompanying lymphatic nodes in which above all defensiveand cleansing processes happens.

The special in the manual lymphatic drainage are the pumping out, emptying and gentle circular movements of hands or fingers with very low pressure.

manual lymphatic drainage is used by:

- lymphatic buildups with liquid aggregations in the fabric, e.g., in the legs, arms ect.

- varicose veins

- to local lymphatic edemas

- swells with rheumatic diseases in the area of the joint capsule

- after injuries, injuries of sport

- before operations and after operations

- to pain relief

- hematoma

- aftercare by cancer with agreement of the treating doctor

- to the strengthening of own defence

- to relaxing

- by stress

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